Glory CIT / Cash Centres

Glory GFS-220 Series - Banknote counter and sorter

Efficiency savings and reduced cash processing costs remain critical business drivers and key performance indicators for most cash handling organisations today, whether a bank branch, cash centre, foreign exchange bureau, retailer or casino. Glory’s GFS-220 banknote counter improves operational efficiency with superior speed, fitness analysis, and authentication. Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features.

USF-200 - Banknote sorter

A compact, efficient and accurate banknote sorter, the USF-200 effortlessly handles large volumes of notes significantly improving your cash handling processes, performance and productivity of your staff. Its low noise emissions make it ideally suited to the branch environment.

Mach SCW-20 Series - Coin Sorter

The Mach SCW-20 is a third-generation coin sorter that combines high precision and reliability. Designed to meet the currency processing needs of banks, retailers and casinos, the Mach SCW-20 provides a fast and efficient solution for coin counting, sorting and authentication.