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Safe Cash Retail Deposit 

Cash handling for today’s retailers Cash handling is here to stay. Despite the increase in alternative payment methods such as credit and debit cards, cash remains the preferred payment method around the world year after year, representing more than 80% of all transactions! Most of these transactions are handled at retail stores, therefore, retailers are increasingly required to enhance security for their staff, prevent robberies and optimize increasingly time-consuming and costly cash transactions. A cash-handling solution that addresses all of these challenges is key for today’s retailer.

Bringing high speed and security in one Combining high-speed note -or note and coin- validation and real-time monitoring of cash levels and pre-credit into one cash deposit system, the SafeCash Retail Deposit High Speed is the ultimate cash-handling deposit system for medium- and large-sized retail businesses handling large amounts of cash. This back-office solution enables quick deposit of up to 1,000 notes per transaction in different bundles and up to 12 kg of coins, which are then instantly recorded and counted.

Immediate benefits include:

• Enhanced security with integrated sealbag feature.

• Time and cost savings as a result of less back-office administration and high-speed processing.

• Reduced manual error rates as a result of a simplified cash-handling process from cash register to the bank.

• Improved productivity, as staff can focus on customers. • Real-time visibility on cash levels through web-based tracking system.

• More peace of mind due to automatic counterfeit note detection system.

• Secure processing through staff user identification.

• A scalable solution that can grow with your business.


25 July 2017


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