In order to minimize printing costs and bring about a change in the way Printing & Scanning is done, we, at BASMA have decided to start implementing the KNM software for our Kyocera machines.

KYOCERA Net Manager (KNM) is a server-based application that streamlines and secures your document management. The embedded Print&FollowTM application increases printer efficiency and speeds up the printing process: instead of sending a document to a given device, users send it to the KYOCERA Net Manager server that all the devices in the office can access. The document can then be printed from any free device. This helps reduce printing queues and increases the overall security of documents, as the device does not release the document until the sender has logged in and selected it for printing.

Business Challenges:

  • The theft of confidential data could potentially harm my business – How can I make sure no unauthorized person can access my data?
  • Finding the correct settings for scanning & faxing is time-consuming and difficult – How can I make these processes and workflows easier and more reliable?
  • It is hard to track all printing related costs – How can I monitor them to save money? 
  • Branches connected to a central print server require too much of available bandwidth for printing – How can I minimize the usage of bandwidth without installing a local print server?

Your advantages with KNM

  • Authentication: Printing, copying, and scanning start only after the user has logged in at a selected device, using different authentication methods according to your security requirements.
  • Secure & Easy Scan offers fast one-click operations that are easy to use and save.
  • Accounting: Users can track their printing volumes and managers can better control and reduce printing costs. The tracking of prints alone can help decrease the number of printed pages.
  • KYOCERA Local Print Spooling: Allowing to integrate your Branches into a central printing environment where there is no KYOCERA Net Manager server in the local branch office - No print job will be spooled via the central KYOCERA Net Manager server or leave the branch location - only data for authentication and accounting will be synchronised with the central KYOCERA Net Manager server.

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